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Save 40 hours per month in 3 simple steps

HR professionals using Brainner to screen candidates are reducing up to 5 days of manual work every month

Start Saving Time

Upload your Job Description

  • Simply Upload the Job Description and get AI suggestions for making it more attractive to potential candidates.
  • The AI analyzes and extracts key criteria for screening candidates and categorizes them into areas such as Work Experience, Education, Skills, and Others.
  • The platform additionally recommends which criteria should be considered mandatory or preferred.

Customize the Criteria for the Role

  • Tailor the screening criteria to ensure that the process aligns perfectly with your recruitment standards and methods.
  • Modify or delete criteria that are less important, as identified by the AI.
  • Add any additional criteria not mentioned in the job description.
  • Finally, classify the selected criteria as either mandatory or preferred to further refine your candidate search.

Publish the Job Listing

  • Share your job listing on LinkedIn, Google Jobs, HR portals, or career sites. As candidates apply for the job, our AI will efficiently and in real time sort through their profiles, filtering out those who don't meet your criteria. You also have the option to add candidate profiles in bulk manually.
  • Navigate a list of candidates ranked based on their alignment with the role, complete with justifications for each assessment point.
  • Access detailed reports for each candidate to to decide whether to proceed with an interview.
[Save Up To 90%] of the Initial Screening Time

Save Up To 90% of the Initial Screening Time

  • Tailored AI Filters: Our AI analyzes candidates using your unique recruiting parameters, ensuring a highly targeted search.
  • Bulk and Real-time Resume Analysis: Our system efficiently extracts and organizes key information from each resume, significantly speeding up the initial screening phase.
  • Dynamic Candidate Ranking: Easily rank candidates based on various factors such as mandatory or prefered requirements.
  • Individual Candidate Reports: Explore detailed profile analyses and gain relevant insights by asking the AI questions about the resume
Experience Hassle-Free Recruiting

A Plan That Fits Your Hiring Scale

Pay for what you use, scale as you grow.
Try it for free for up 25 resume analysis, no credit card required.

Resume analysis per month:



Empower Your Recruitment with AI

/ month
  • Unlimited open roles creation
  • AI-assisted job description writing
  • Custom criteria setting with unlimited requirements
  • Detailed candidate reports
  • Exceed monthly plan?: $12.95 per 100 resume analyses.


Collaborate and Thrive in Recruitment

/ team/ month
  • All features of the Individual Plan
  • Unlimited users creation
  • Team collaboration functionality
  • Manage candidate pipeline
  • Prepare interview questions with AI
  • Automation and integrations
  • Exceed monthly plan?: $12.95 per 100 resume analyses.


Transform Your Organization's Recruitment

Manage unlimited teams across your organization

  • All features of the Teams Plan
  • Unlimited teams creation
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Custom security compliance
  • ATS Integrations


Can I try Brainner before committing to a plan?

Yes, we offer a trial where you can screen up to 25 candidates for free. This is a great way to experience how Brainner can streamline your recruitment process.

What happens if I go over my monthly candidate quota?

if you reach the limit of candidates for your chosen plan, you can unpublish the jobs to stop accepting new candidates and avoid unexpected charges. If you decide to keep receiving candidates and go over the monthly candidate quota, you will be automatically charged with $12.95 every 100 additional candidates

What can I expect from the Teams plan given that it's in beta?

The Teams plan is designed with collaboration in mind, offering features that allow multiple recruiters to work together effectively by accessing shared data, assigning candidates, commenting, and managing the hiring pipeline with custom stages. Please note that as this plan is currently in beta, not all features may be available at the time of purchase.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

We offer dedicated email support for all plans. Additionally, you can book a meeting for a more personalized support experience. Contact us at hello@brainner.ai

Can I change my subscription plan if my needs change?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to match your recruitment needs.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No, all our plans are month-to-month for flexibility. However, if you're interested in a yearly subscription, please contact us at hello@brainner.ai

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card payments for all transactions. For payments over $1,000, ACH payment options are available.

What is your refund policy?

We do not generally issue refunds, but if you cancel your subscription and haven't received any applicants at all, a refund will be issued.

Streamline Recruitment with AI

Are You Ready to Achieve Exceptional Recruitment Advantages with Brainner?

Reduce Time To Hire/ Fill

Spend your time on meaningful interviews and finding the right talent. With our tool you can focus on the heart of recruitment: decision-making and connecting with top candidates.

Reduce Hiring Cost

Forget about the hassle of manually opening and reviewing each resume. Our AI app does the heavy lifting by quickly screening hundreds of resumes in just a few minutes and organizing the data for you.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce human error and ensure no exceptional candidate is overlooked. Our app analyzes all applicants in seconds, guaranteeing that time constraints never cost you a great hire.